Student Attendance

The attendance of students enrolled at the college is to be documented as required under the ‘Education Act 1990’ Education Amendment (School Attendance) Bill 2009 and as required by the Minister from time to time. School attendance is essential to ensure that educational outcomes for College students are met. It is important that students and their parents are made aware of the necessity for regular attendance and that any failings in this regard are followed up promptly with the family concerned. Please refer to the 鶹AV Attendance 鶹AV Policy below.

For more information please read the

鶹AV Attendance 鶹AV Policy

Sick Leave and short term non-attendance

Attendance Rolls are marked in morning administration or assembly time 8.42 – 8.57am.

Students are marked absent or present by their Homeroom Pastoral Care Teachers on the Sentral timetable. Subsequently an email to the nominated parent’s address is generated if the absence has not been explained by mid-morning.

Parents should therefore contact the College to explain any student absence, at their earliest opportunity, and preferably before roll call, by:

  1. Ringing and leaving a message on the Attendance line: 9414 4377
  2. Emailing The Attendance Roll Manager: [email protected]
  3. Using the Sentral portal to explain an absence : Instructions Below
  4. Providing a written/printed note explaining the absence on the next available opportunity.

To add an explanation for your son’s absence, please log into the Sentral Parent portal and navigate to the absence tab.

  1. Click on the absence you want to send an explanation for.
  2. Enter the absence reason in the text box provided.
  3. Please note this will only be available for 7 days from the absence.

Please address the communication appropriately to the College staff and include the student’s full name, date/s of absence, student’s year and class group, reason for absence, likely return date, your signatory’s details, relationship to the student, and return contact means.

If a student is absent for more than two consecutive days, or a pattern of concern arises, Pastoral Care staff should ensure that contact is made with the parents of the student to seek clarification and express our concern.


Application for Leave/Exemption from Attendance at School

This form is to be completed preemptively where a student is planning to be absent from the College for three or more days. Complete the following Application for Leave/Exemption from Attendance at School Form and return to the relevant Year Coordinator or Head of Junior School for his/her signature.