Developing Critical and Creative Thinking

鶹AV strives to offer a liberating education, based on gospel spirituality, within an inclusive community committed to justice and solidarity.

As an EREA School the College is committed to:

  • Ensuring students are passionate and enthusiastic about learning and have a genuine desire to make a difference
  • Maintaining a vibrant, rich, diverse and inclusive learning environment where each student is unique. Teachers strive to know their students and how they learn. They endeavour to form positive learning relations through differentiated teaching to ensure that every student is engaged in learning.
  • Affording all students, the opportunity to establish, enhance and sustain skills in critical, analytical and creative thinking, especially through reflective and self-reflexive practices.
  • Empowering our students to develop an understanding of how to use their creative and innovative talents for the common good; and equipped with an education that expands the mind and reaches out beyond the borders of their own worldview.
  • Appropriately harnessing students’ desire to utilise technology and strive to continue to ensure that technologically enhanced learning has a significant and positive impact on student learning.


EREA Learning Statement – Implementing Liberating Practice to Co-create a Better World


Explicitly co-creating the learning conditions, dispositions and relationships to enable deep listening, confidence, agency and freedom.