Prayer, Worship and Spirituality

As a student at the College, a vast array of liturgical, worship, prayer and retreat opportunities await. Whole College Masses and liturgies are a sensory exploration of the divine. Alive with vibrant colour, movement and congregational involvement, worship at St Pius X not only sustains the spirit but challenges and moves the mind and heart.

Throughout the year the College provides over 68 Masses and liturgies for staff and students. This is inclusive of our weekly Chapel Mass partnership with Mercy College where each school hosts Chapel Mass on a fortnightly basis. Chapel Mass is held at 8am on Tuesday each week and parents are welcome.

The College also collaborates with Mercy College for the Youth Mass Partnership held twice a term on a Sunday, where student volunteers from both colleges prepare and contribute to the celebration of the Mass. The evening festivities conclude with a relaxed meal in the forecourt for our young people to celebrate faith, friendship and food. 

Whole College Masses and Celebrations include:

  • Annual Commencement Mass
  • Ash Wednesday Liturgies
  • Holy Week Liturgies
  • Founders Week Mass
  • Feast of the Assumption Mass
  • Advent Mass of Thanksgiving

Additional Significant Celebrations:

  • New Families Welcome Mass
  • Mother’s Day Mass
  • Junior School Bible Liturgy
  • Father’s Day Mass
  • Grandparent’s Day Liturgy
  • Year 12 Graduation Mass
  • Year 6 Graduation Liturgy
  • Year 12 Retreat Masses









Prayer forms a critical part of daily life at the College. Prayer and Acknowledgement of Country commences all College assemblies each week, and forms an essential thread that connects all lessons in the classroom. 









Crossroads Retreat Program

The Crossroads Retreat Program is a suite of formation experiences that range from single formation days to residential retreats for staff and students. Retreats are designed and provided by highly experienced retreat specialists on the Mission Team.

Formation Days

Students in Year 5, Year 7, Year 10 and Year 11 enjoy a program of formation days aimed at deepening their relationship with God, exploring the big questions of life and providing time to explore ways of connecting with the divine.








A retreat is often said to refresh and revitalise the participant, giving opportunity for time spent in prayer and contemplation. For many, a retreat rekindles and deepens their relationship with God.

For some, retreats provide an opportunity to hear God’s call, to seek God’s healing grace and attain a degree of spiritual renewal. The experience is a personal one, but what participants share is the opportunity to temporarily at least, leave behind the usual distractions we all face for just long enough to allow some change of heart to occur.
Students in Year 12 enjoy the agency of selecting one of three unique retreats that provide the necessary stillness to contemplate their past, present and future as they reach a ‘crossroads milestone’.