Mobile Phone and Digital Equipment Policy

Introduction and Purpose

The College acknowledges the reality of mobile phones and like apparatus as pieces of modern day technology.  They are effective communication tools and provide, particularly for parents, peace of mind when it is necessary to contact their son(s) while travelling to and from school.

Notwithstanding this, mobile phones (and like apparatus) must be handled in a mature and responsible fashion and not interfere with, or run counter to, the education process or the values of the College.

The College has included into the Student Code of Conduct, the following Principles supported by the  NSW State Government, along with medical recommendations around the management and usage of mobile phones while at school.



  1. Students must put their phones in their locker when they arrive at school and only take them out when they leave the school. The Junior School students must place their phones in the designated Phone locker in their home room.
  2. Any messages for students from parents should be through the College Office. In the case of an emergency, if there is a need to use a phone or device, a student should gain prior approval from the relevant Year Coordinator.
  3. If students are found with their phone during the school day, the phone will be taken from them and handed in to the office to be held for safekeeping by the Deputy Principal, Mr Casey or Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care, Mr Brannan.
  4. The phone will be returned at the end of the day and students will receive a ½ hour detention and parents will be notified. Any further breaches will result in further detentions and other consequences.


At 鶹AV, our Guiding Principles for the Use of Technology and “Phone Away All Day” Policy give our students the best possible chance for correct use of electronic devices, phones and interruption-free learning.